Web Hosting Provider LaneChange.Net Launches LaneSnap.com

November 9, 2005
November 9, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Ontario-based LaneChange.Net, a full service Internet solutions provider, has introduced LaneSnap.com (http://www.LaneSnap.com), a service for customers who do not need premier level customer support. LaneSnap.com offers self-serve Internet services with offerings that include full-featured domain name registrations, domain name backordering, web and email hosting, and virtual and dedicated servers.

“LaneSnap.com provides the tools needed to enable clients to independently launch their first Internet presence at a low cost,” said Robert Schwartz, President of LaneChange.Net. “The self-serve site gives domain name registrants the ability to forward or host email as well as the ability to park or display a one-page custom website. Clients are also able to add on features to suit their needs.”

LaneSnap.com’s services and features include an on-line website builder tool and access to top-level domain names with .at, .be, .eu, .me.uk, .jp, .co.nz, .net.nz, .org.nz, .jobs and .ws extensions. Without the requirement of a high level of customer support, LaneSnap.com is able to pass savings on to its customers and reduce service costs. “LaneChange.Net and LaneSnap.com offer complementary services,” continued Mr. Schwartz. “Internet needs change and evolve. By launching LaneSnap.com, we can now offer low cost, self-serve alternatives in addition to the premium, personalized services that have traditionally been available at LaneChange.Net. Providing more options and a greater spectrum of products and services to our clients has been the cornerstone of LangeChange.Net right from the start.”

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