Web Hosting Provider LayerOnline Launches Weebly for Cloud Hosting Services

Web Hosting Provider LayerOnline Launches Weebly for Cloud Hosting Services
Web hosting provider LayerOnline has launched the Weebly Cloud Website Builder for its cPanel-based cloud hosting services. The company, which was launched in 2008, has corporate headquarters in Toronto, Canada. It offers a wide range of services alongside its SSD-based cloud hosting. These include managed WordPress hosting, Windows and Linux reseller hosting, and domain registration services. The Weebly Cloud website builder “makes it surprisingly easy to create a high-quality website, blog or online store”.

Weebly allows users who have no programming skills to establish a website that meets their needs. The solution supports 25 million websites globally. cPanel cloud web hosting is enjoying significant popularity as it enables users to manage every aspect of their cloud hosting accounts effectively. Weebly’s introduction to LayerOnline’s cPanel cloud web hosting services offers its customers the ability to save costs on website design and update website content. Users simply “drag and drop” website elements to create the design they require.

LayerOnline’s customers enjoy a range of benefits not provided by other web hosts. The company “helps its customers to access their backup websites” and, through realtime request scanning, new websites receive “adequate protection from malware attacks, SQL injections and other illegal requests”. LayerOnline’s customers also benefit from the company’s satisfaction guarantee. Its customers can obtain a refund within 30 days “if they are not satisfied” with the company’s services.

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