Web Hosting Provider LCN.com Introduce New Partnership With Sage Pay, The UK’s Leading Payment Service Provider

April 12, 2010
April 12, 2010 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – LCN.com, one of the largest UK domain registration and web hosting companies, today announced a new partnership with Sage Pay, the UK’s leading independent payment provider.

To celebrate this partnership, Sage Pay and LCN.com are offering an exclusive deal of 1 months free processing to any customer who has an active web hosting or eShop hosting package within their LCN.com account. SMEs and entrepreneurs can use the Sage Pay payment gateway solution to connect to all the major UK Merchant account providers, thus enabling businesses to securely accept card payments from their customers.

“We’re really pleased to be working with LCN.com. Making it easy for people to do business is what Sage Pay is about. Often working out how your customers will pay you can be a last minute panic, but with LCN.com’s offering and the out-of-the box Sage Pay module, merchants have one less thing to worry about.” says Sage Pay’s Managing Director, Simon Black

The integration between Sage Pay and LCN.com also alleviates another worry for online traders: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), a set of rules designed by the card schemes to ensure the secure use of card data. Becoming PCI DSS compliant is a common hurdle for all businesses wishing to accept card payments from their customers. “The beauty of LCN.com’s eshop with Sage Pay is that it removes the need for a full PCI DSS audit and reduces the cost of the PCI DSS overhead which for a start-up business can be an un-factored cost.” adds Simon Black.

Mark Boost, Managing Director of LCN.com comments, "Both LCN.com and Sage Pay are dedicated to providing customers with the most powerful solutions within our respective industries. Sage Pay payment processing enables LCN.com customers to get on with running their business as the solution provides the key benefits of being simple to manage and easy to integrate.

"With Sage Pay, we have gained a trusted partner that offers an affordable, reliable, and secure solution to customers wishing to accept cards online. The incentive of free payment processing to LCN.com customers is definitely something new and existing eshop customers will be delighted to hear."

About Sage Pay

Sage Pay is the union of Protx, the fastest growing payment service provider (PSP) and Sage, one of the UK’s most trusted business brands. We offer our 28,000+ customers a secure payment service for the millions of transactions that we undertake on their behalf each year.

The philosophy that has driven us since our launch in 2001 is still at the heart of our business - to give our customers more than they pay for, and to make it really easy for them to do business. We make the process of accepting payments simple, fast and safe. Whether your need for online payment is simple, or completely tailored, we can help to make accepting payments online, over the phone or via mail order more profitable.

About LCN.com

LCN.com has been providing world class web hosting since 2000 and is one of the UK’s largest web hosting companies with 180,000 current customers hosting over 350,000 sites.

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