Web Hosting Provider LCN.com Kicks off Race to Secure New .CO Domain Names

April 21, 2010
April 21, 2010 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – The rush to secure .CO domain names has begun, in what is billed as the most important new domain launch of the past 25 years. Leading domain registrar, LCN.com, today officially announced the launch of its .CO pre-registration system to offer customers the chance to secure their desired .CO domain.

Mark Boost, Managing Director, LCN.com, said: “The .CO has the potential to become the biggest global domain since the 1985 launch of .com. This new, highly memorable domain extension will offer businesses and individuals unique opportunities to register exclusive domain names, whose .com and .co.uk variations have previously been taken.

”The value of registering popular domains should not be underestimated; for example, Toys.com and Cruise.co.uk sold for £3.3M and £560K respectively. The flexibility of .CO offers a national and global appeal due to its similarity to both the .com and .co.uk extensions. Businesses and individuals can register short and memorable domain names which could be of significant value. We are encouraging those who wish to either protect their brand or create a unique opportunity with a .CO to pre-register without delay.”

While nearly every conceivable easy to remember domain has been snapped up on the .com and .co.uk extensions, the launch of the .CO offers everyone the chance to register any domain name they like. This has been made possible due to the global release of the .CO by the Columbian government, which had previously restricted registrations to Columbian businesses and individuals.

There will be three phases of the .CO launch: Sunrise (26 April – 10 June) for registered trade marks to protect their brands; Landrush (21 June – 13 July), allows for auctioning of commercially valuable domains; and General Availability (from 20 July) for anyone to register any still available .CO they want. LCN.com’s pre-registration is now open, allowing customers to get in first and pre-order their chosen domains for any stage of the process. In the interest of fairness, LCN.com will only take one bid for each potential domain, administered on a first-come-first served basis.

For more information about the .CO, and to pre-register your .CO domain name, visit:


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