Web Hosting Provider LCN.com Offers 50 Per Cent Off Top Web Hosting Packages

August 25, 2010
August 25, 2010 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Leading UK web hosting company, LCN.com, today announced the start of a 50 per cent off hosting promotion, which gives customers savings of up to £60/$90 on its top end hosting packages.

Both the LCN.com Premium and Unlimited hosting packages are included within the promotion which runs until 31 September 2010. Customers that purchase either package for a one year period will automatically receive the 50 per cent discount, reducing the monthly cost to as little as £3.33/$5.18.

Mark Boost, LCN.com Managing Director, said: “Within the current economic climate customers are always looking for ways to cut costs; this can lead to cheaper and less reliable hosting solutions being chosen on price.

“When customers sacrifice the quality of their hosting plan it can often result in significant downtime where potential sales and leads are lost due to their site being offline. This LCN.com offer will give customers the peace-of-mind that comes from the reliability of a top quality, high-spec hosting package, and a very low cost.”

LCN.com’s Unlimited hosting package provides customers with unlimited web space, bandwidth, mailboxes, and spam protection. The Premium hosting package offers 5GB of web space and bandwidth, PHP & PERL support, plus phpMyadmin to help customers manage their databases.

Winner of two Web Host Directory ‘best budget web hosting’ awards, both hosting packages on offer come with £80 free online advertising vouchers, £60 worth of free web software from Serif, free Fotolia stock photos, and 500 free Mailing Manager email marketing credits.

About LCN.com

LCN.com has been providing world class web hosting since 2000 and have grown to become the UKs largest organically grown web hosting company with over 40,000 hosting customers and over 350,000 domain names registered since its launch in 2000.

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