Web Hosting Provider LCN.com Offers Three Months Free on Ecommerce Hosting Packages

December 22, 2010
December 22, 2010 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Leading web hosting company, LCN.com, has today announced a new promotion which offers three months free on all yearly purchases of its ecommerce hosting packages.

This offer, which will run until 3 January 2011, is applied to all three LCN.com ecommerce hosting solutions and allows customers to set up and run an online shop for as little as £6.70/month.

The ‘Personal’ package gives customers everything they need to start selling online within minutes. The ‘Professional’ package offers powerful marketing tools such as newsletters, blogs and third party integration with comparison websites. The ‘Enterprise’ package provides shop owners with every feature of the powerful software needed to provide the ultimate online experience to their visitors, including forums, coupons and product ratings and comparisons.

Mark Boost, Managing Director, LCN.com, said: “Our ecommerce solutions incorporate all of the key functionality any online ecommerce business might need. Customers can choose from over 300 professionally styled shop templates and integrate a wide range of payment processing solutions in minutes. In addition, LCN.com customers will have access to a suite of powerful marketing tools within their packages, to help grow their business online.”

Step-by-step support for this product is offered through a range of easy to use PDF help documents, video tutorials, and a dedicated eShop support forum, all accessible on the LCN.com website.

About LCN.com

LCN.com has been providing world class web hosting since 2000 is one of the UK’s largest hosting companies with over 180,000 customers.

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