Web Hosting Provider Netfirms Receives Excellence, Leadership and Innovation Award

August 4, 2007
August 4, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Netfirms, Inc., (http://www.netfirms.ca) has received an award for excellence, leadership and innovation, it was announced recently. The Toronto-based company was recognized by the Toronto Board of Trade's President and CEO, Carol Wilding and Dave Dobbin, Chair, Information and Computer Technology (ICT) Advisory Committee for “ongoing efforts and accomplishments in the ICT sector of Toronto's economy”.

Toronto’s ICT sector is growing quickly and Netfirms has been recognized for its contribution. "Netfirms is very proud to receive this award. We have been fortunate to attract top-tier talent in the Toronto area that has helped us grow and contribute to the city's economy," explained Thomas Savundra, Netfirms’ President who attended The Toronto Board of Trade's “Meet the Champions” event where the award was delivered.

Established in 1998, Netfirms provides a range of web hosting solutions geared towards small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals. The company caters for over 1,000,000 websites and has offices in the US and Canada.

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