Web Hosting Provider PacificHost Drops Bandwidth Limits and Revamps Hosting Plan Lineup

January 23, 2010
January 23, 2010 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – PacificHost, a leading provider of Linux Based, Shared and Reseller Hosting solutions announced earlier today that several major changes have been made to its entire hosting lineup. Changes include a drop in bandwidth limits, various plan name and price changes. This move comes in an effort to stay competitive and expand its hosting audience.

In addition to the dropped bandwidth limits, the company also added 2 additional plans to its offering. The "Basic" plan was added to its shared hosting plans which lowers the base price for PacificHost services to $2.95/month. In addition, the "Economy" plan was added to PacificHost's Reseller plans, lowering the starting price to $13.95/month. All existing PacificHost clients will see that their plans have automatically been upgraded to the new plan specifications.

"We've been able to create an exclusive partnership with our datacenter, Gigenet. This partnership has given us an ample amount of bandwidth which we are now passing along to our customers. Our quality of service that our clients have come to know will remain the same as we beef up our servers and continue to have a strict limit of number of accounts per server." said Thomas Perry, the President and CEO of PacificHost.

This announcement comes in conjunction with this months earlier announcement of the availability of Magento with all PacificHost hosting plans. Magento is an open-source ecommerce script that allows individuals and organizations to build their own ecommerce website.

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