Web Hosting Provider PacificHost Unveils Magento Hosting Among Other New Offers

January 8, 2010 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – PacificHost, a provider of linux based, shared and reseller hosting announced earlier today that all PacificHost services will now support Magento, a popular eCommerce cart. PacificHost also announced a few other additions to it's hosting service, including a set of new SSL Certificates and a merchant gateway system.

Magento is fast becoming oane of the world's leading eCommerce systems with a revolutionary new approach to the online industry. Magento has changed the face of the eCommerce market with new features and architecture never seen before in eCommerce systems. PacificHost now supports Magento on all of it's hosting platforms and hopes to open a door to new users in the eCommerce market.

"With an ever-growing number of ecommerce websites, the market will continue to expand. I believe a specific focus towards Magento Hosting will help us to expand our eCommerce user base and inevitibly open a new door to website owners in a new market." said Thomas Perry, the President and CEO of PacificHost.

PacificHost also recently partnered up with Verisign and Geotrust to provide a set of 6 SSL Certificates available for purchase on the PacificHost website. In addition to the SSL Certificates, PacificHost now offers visitors the ability to signup for a free payment gateway through the Quantum Merchant program.

"With our new found focus on eCommerce hosting, we needed to provide additional services to suit all of our clients. By adding these new services we are not only expanding our business but helping our clients by providing them with the tools they need to achieve website success." said Mr. Perry.

For more information about PacificHost's new services, please visit the following links:

Magento Hosting: http://www.pacifichost.com/magento-hosting.shtml
SSL Certificates: http://www.pacifichost.com/ssl.shtml
Merchant Gateway: http://www.pacifichost.com/merchant.shtml

About PacificHost

Originally formed in 1999, PacificHost provides high quality shared and reseller hosting solutions to clients worldwide. Hosting includes, 24/7 Technical Support, 99.9% guaranteed uptime and a 30 Day money back guarantee.

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