Web Hosting Provider RackForce Announces Windows-Based Virtual Private Server Options

March 17, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider RackForce has announced the launch of Windows-based virtual private server (VPS) options. The company claims to be the first to offer this technology (based on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2) to the web hosting market.

The latest addition to RackForce’s Dynamic Dedicated Server (DDS) products, the company’s VPS utilizes a Dual Xeon Processor server which creates eight environments that replicate dedicated Windows server functionality. The package also includes Windows Server 2003 Web Edition, a 10Mbps connection, Plesk for Windows (optional) and FortiGate Firewall Intrusion Protection.

"Virtualization changes the economics of the hosting industry," explained John Zanni, Director of the Communications Sector at Microsoft Corporation. "Windows Virtual Server lowers hardware and system management costs, enabling RackForce to focus its resources on the services and features that its customers truly want and need."

"The feedback has been great and early acceptance of our new Virtual Private Server for Windows has been better than expected," explained Randall Robinson, RackForce General Manager. "With the lower cost, extended scalability and ease of use of this product, hosting resellers and application developers will undoubtedly see greater success. We expect to see major growth in this segment of the market."

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