Web Hosting Provider RackForce Expands Storage Services

May 31, 2011 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Hybrid Cloud Services provider RackForce Networks announced on Tuesday the addition of a general purpose Storage Area Network (SAN) offering to its portfolio of services. The new service provides solid performance, flexibility and reliability at a lower price point, and compliments RackForce’s existing high performance SAN offering.

Delivered on the industry leading NetApp storage platform the general purpose service supports many storage needs such as mainstream enterprise applications, disaster recovery solutions, and development and test environments. Clients requiring higher performance for more sensitive and critical applications can choose RackForce’s high performance SAN service.

RackForce’s latest offering further supports its multi-tier Cloud strategy. By providing multiple levels of server and storage offerings RackForce provides greater choice to its clients - enabling them to better align IT costs with application characteristics, required performance and business value.

Randall Robinson, RackForce’s CIO explained, “RackForce has always designed its offerings to accommodate multiple tiers of service. This applies to cloud, colocation, network and now storage. This will reduce our customers’ storage costs by 45% so we think there will be strong uptake.”

About RackForce Networks Inc.

RackForce is a leading provider of green hybrid cloud computing services. Its cloud focused dynamic datacenter design forms the foundation for enterprise class compute, colocation and network services that are delivered to a worldwide customer base.

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