Web Hosting Provider RoundBerry Offers Ruby on Rails

September 1, 2006
September 1, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider RoundBerry (http://www.RoundBerry.com) is offering Ruby on Rails, the company announced yesterday. The development platform is now provided with each web hosting plan the company offers. The addition has been passed to customers at no additional cost.

Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework which lets developers produce dynamic web sites. The framework has gained critical acclaim from web developers and software engineers alike for ‘ease of development’. The language platform offers all of the functionality to develop large corporate projects without having to hand code projects.

Established over 5 years ago and located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, RoundBerry offers a range of web hosting offerings and pride themselves on “fast servers, superior customer support, and affordable prices”. The company has customers in over 15 countries.

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