Web Hosting Provider ServerPoint.com Announces New ColossusCloud Generation 3

June 27, 2013
Web Hosting Provider ServerPoint.com Announces New ColossusCloud Generation 3
Web hosting provider ServerPoint.com has announced the launch of its new ColossusCloud Generation 3 Linux and Windows cloud VPS hosting platform.

Established in 1998, ServerPoint.com offers a range of cloud and Linux and Windows web hosting services alongside dedicated server and cloud VPS options. The company caters to a broad global customer base providing solutions that meet their customers’ individual needs. The company’s ColossusCloud Generation 3 solution offers increased performance and flexibility alongside a range of features that speed up virtual machine deployment. These include operating system templates that are updated on a daily basis.

The ColossusCloud solution also features hardware storage acceleration that allows applications to run faster than more traditional platforms. It can be scaled to up to 192GBs of RAM and up to 2TBs of storage with a maximum of eight CPU cores. ServerPoint.com is currently offering ColossusCloud Generation 3 at a starting price of only $15 a month.

"The third generation of our platform is designed to be about five times faster than our previous one, allowing for deployments of virtual machines in just minutes," explained ServerPoint.com’s CTO Erik Johnson. "It is also powered by a brand new 10 gigabit network as well as the fastest storage devices in the industry. The platform also includes features that no one else offers, such as UpdateCentral, which makes it easy to keep your virtual machines up to date, and intra-zone private networking, a feature that increases security of your data between virtual machines."

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