Web Hosting Provider ServInt Internet Services Appoints Executives Team

May 24, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider ServInt Internet Services (http://www.servint.net) has appointed a new team of executives, the company announced yesterday. Mr. Christian Dawson takes the role of Vice President of Operations at the company and Matthew Loschert joins as Vice President of Technology. According to the company, the move was required to “help shepherd its ongoing growth”.

Mr. Dawson will manage all “nontechnical” corporate roles while Mr. Loschert will be “responsible for leading all technology development and deployment within the company, as well as directing the company's technical staff”. He will also develop and improve the company’s new hosting-related products and services. Leslie Molina also joins the team in the role of Controller.

"ServInt has been able to promote dedicated, top talent from within,” explained ServInt CEO Reed Caldwell. "As ServInt grows change is both inevitable and vital to our ongoing success. Our team is focusing on the future and the exciting changes that it is bringing. As veterans, this team is also well aware of our best attributes and will support our continuing expansion while maintaining what our clients love about ServInt."

ServInt Internet Services is based in Virginia, USA, and offers web hosting products from “virtual private server (VPS) to enterprise level”.

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