Web Hosting Provider ServInt promotes climate-positive web hosting with new Green Initiative

June 18, 2008
June 18, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider ServInt (http://www.servint.net) has anounced that its Green Initiative to demonstrate its commitment to climate-positive hosting. ServInt's Green Initiative deploys multiple green methodologies to help customers operate with minimal environmental impact.

ServInt's commitment to climate-positive hosting applies to its entire line of Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting services. Each of ServInt's VPS services is backed by a commitment to offset the total carbon-footprint of the VPS by at least 110 percent. ServInt accomplishes its carbon-offsetting goals through large-scale reforestation campaigns operated by American Forests (www.americanforests.org).

To ensure a truly climate-positive approach, ServInt calculates its reforestation commitment not only on the energy consumption of the host servers, but on its entire VPS infrastructure. That includes compensating for all core routing and switching equipment, for cooling and redundant power operations, and for an extensive back-LAN that provides customers with free backups and centralized update repositories.

ServInt's Green Initiative also outlines commitments to responsible recycling of hardware at end of life. ServInt recycles all recyclable components and meets or exceeds environmental standards for the disposal of all non-recyclable hazardous components.

As part of its Green Initiative, ServInt announced that two of its most popular hosting services are now its most environmentally responsible offerings. ServInt's SuperVPS and UltimateVPS services feature low per-capita energy consumption through efficient virtualization. These services also make exclusive use of Dell low-voltage server hardware, which provides high-performance while operating with a much smaller carbon footprint.

Both SuperVPS and UltimateVPS are powerful replacements for the traditional dedicated server. They offer customers increased redundancy while providing the same computing performance of a traditional dedicated server with significant cost savings. These solutions are ideal for small and medium-size web-based companies that demand a hosting service managed by experienced professionals.

ServInt Founder and CEO Reed Caldwell said, "The web hosting industry is a major contributor to global energy consumption and carbon emissions. ServInt is committed to offering hosting services that have a positive effect on the environment."

Caldwell added, "More businesses now realize that, besides harming the environment, energy-inefficient computing can adversely affect their company's financial health and lead to serious competitive disadvantages. Our method of virtualization improves energy efficiency via the decommissioning of unnecessary physical servers and higher utilization of the remaining, more energy-efficient servers."

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