Web Hosting Provider ServInt's new SuperVPS web hosting service sets first-month sales record

April 15, 2008
April 15, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider ServInt (http://www.servint.net) has anounced that hundreds of companies have deployed its new SuperVPS service since it became available one month ago, setting a new-product sales record for the 13-year-old company.

The SuperVPS, ServInt's new flagship service, is a powerful replacement for the traditional Dedicated Server. SuperVPS offers customers dramatically increased redundancy, while providing equal or greater computing performance than that of a traditional, similarly priced Dedicated Server. SuperVPS is ideal for companies whose business model demands a reliable hosting service managed by experienced professionals.

ServInt has received positive feedback from many of its SuperVPS customers. Officials at Intelestream Inc. chose SuperVPS for its high redundancy, easy upgrade path and low energy consumption.

"Because SuperVPS is managed around the clock by experienced hosting experts, we can relax and spend more time running our business," said Ray Stoeckicht, Intelestream's vice president of operations. "We appreciate that SuperVPS can be easily scaled up to accommodate our growth. The fact that SuperVPS is a truly green hosting solution was also an attractive point for us. We've promoted this upgrade to our customers and they feel more comfortable that there is an additional layer of redundancy for their mission-critical data." Chicago-based Intelestream is a leading supplier of SugarCRM professional services.

SuperVPS is particularly well suited for socially responsible companies seeking to operate their businesses with minimal impact on the environment. It features low energy consumption, low-wattage hardware and a commitment to carbon-footprint offsetting.

ServInt Vice President of Operations Christian Dawson said, "After just a short time on the market, SuperVPS has been adopted by companies in a wide range of industries, which is consistent with our expectations. We are encouraged that growing Internet-based companies view SuperVPS as a preferred alternative to the traditional Dedicated Server. Our new customers particularly enjoy the increased redundancy and the cost savings. This market acceptance demonstrates that we are helping to establish a new standard for the hosting industry."

Dawson concluded, "The fact that SuperVPS is built to be environmentally sustainable also makes its rapid market adoption gratifying. With each new SuperVPS that we deploy, we provide an intelligent web-hosting solution that supports a customer's long-term growth, while supporting the health of the community and the planet."

SuperVPS' contribution to a Green IT strategy includes: low per-capita energy consumption through efficient virtualization; Dell low-voltage server hardware; carbon-footprint offsetting through large-scale reforestation campaigns, and; a commitment to responsible recycling of component hardware at end of life.

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