Web Hosting Provider StartLogic Hosts 50,000 Web Sites

March 29, 2006
March 29, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Arizona-based web hosting provider StartLogic, Inc. (http://www.startlogic.com) has announced the achievement of a major milestone – the hosting of 50,000 web sites. Considering that 12 months ago the company had only 20,000 sites on its books, the achievement is a measure of considerable growth which, according to the company’s General Manager, Mr. John Raygoza, is a result of excellent customer service and feature-rich plans at reasonable prices.

“Our great prices and packages help us obtain new customers, but it is our customer service and value-added customer benefits, like our customer forums, that keep them here,” said Mr. Raygoza. “These happy people tell others, and that’s another reason our customer base continues to grow.”

Founded in November 2003 StartLogic offers a range of shared web hosting plans including the ProLogic plan which offers 15,000 MG of disk space, 250 GB of data transfer, ecommerce solutions, marketing tools and a free web building software.

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