Web Hosting Provider ThinkHost Offers Green Email

April 25, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider ThinkHost (http://www.thinkhost.com) has announced it will offer ‘Green’ email as part of its suite of services. The email will be free to end users and will be powered by ‘100% renewable energy’. Called CommunityMail.net (http://www.communitymail.net), according to the company their service is geared to ‘environmentally conscious consumers’ and provides a ‘free and green webmail alternative’.

"Given our expertise in web hosting, our solid history of sponsoring community oriented projects and utilizing renewable resources wherever possible in our business, it seemed a natural extension to develop CommunityMail.net. What's most pleasing to us is that we are able to offer this environmentally friendly webmail service to all; absolutely free of charge," explained ThinkHost's Executive Director, Vladislav Davidzon.

Aside from helping the environment, CommunityMail.net provides users with an excellent service. Subscribers are offered a choice of domain names for their free email address (e.g. communitymail.net, activist.cc, hippiemail.com and globalupgrising.com) and accounts avoid the banner advertising other services rely on. Other features include a calendar, spam filter, encryption, anti-virus protection, task scheduler, address book and an HTML editor.

ThinkHost is also developing a free green lifestyle newsletter as part of the CommunityMail.net service. This will provide subscribers with information and views on ‘environmentally friendly living’.

"Just as we've demonstrated with our premium web hosting operations, which are also powered by renewable energy, we're hoping the popularity of CommunityMail.net is noticed by other free email providers. Not just noticed, but that those companies seriously consider the option of more earth-friendly derived energy sources for their own services," suggested Mr. Davidzon.

"Our message to them is that there really is no excuse for not utilizing green electricity sources given the revenue levels they generate from their ad-ladened services. Aside from that, we are very excited about building a thriving community of like-minded people via CommunityMail.net; people who understand that caring for our planet extends very much so into our activities in the online world," he added.

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