Web Hosting Provider UK2 Launch Cloud Hosting

February 23, 2011
February 23, 2011 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – UK2 have started 2011 by launching a very impressive cloud hosting platform. This powerful cloud based infrastructure means that a number of improvements & upgrades have been made to the hosting packages across UK2’s product suite.

Cloud hosting is faster and more efficient. This is due to a lower contention ratio on the network which means that their customer’s websites will load faster and work quicker than before. The UK2 cloud allows servers and hosting packages to offer full redundancy - UK2 have done away with the traditional single points of failure such as hard drives, power supplies and single servers and should a customer’s website or server fail or crash it instantly moves to a new piece hardware and continues to run. In affect it auto-heals itself to keep on working. In the event of a sudden surge in traffic, customers will have the option to add RAM to their cloud to handle the larger load of work. All of these new upgrades help to maximise uptime across all networks which is a huge positive for website owners across the UK.

Martin Baker, Managing Director at UK2, said: “We are constantly rolling out new and improved products to keep up with the demand of technology. Cloud hosting is one of those advancements in technology that will change the way we look at hosting. In the last few months we have seen a culmination of hard work and innovation bring to life a faster, more efficient and powerful cloud hosting platform which we have now implemented with immediate effect and is available on our website.”

The future appears to be very bright up on the cloud with UK2 acting as a shining beacon for all to follow. There are already hosting companies offering cloud services but when taking into account the fact that UK2.net have pulled together valuable resources and experiences from other company’s within their group, namely VPS.net and Onapp, to build an advanced cloud, there is little doubt over the quality of this product.

Martin ended off: “We have 100% confidence in our cloud hosting products and our customers will, without a doubt, enjoy a far superior hosting experience on our cloud platform. At the moment this is an advanced product, but we can easily see this as being the future of hosting where one day our customers will see cloud hosting as the standard - right now though it will blow their expectations out of the water.”

The hosting platform of today, cloud hosting has burst on to the scene and is changing the way we do business, the way we think and the way we use technology. UK2.net are now pitching it as the superior way to host a website and with all the advantages and benefits the cloud has brought to the table it’s hard to disagree.

About UK2 Group

UK2 Group provides domain name registration, web hosting, dedicated servers, VPS, reseller & ecommerce services to many global customers through its family of hosting brands - UK2.net, midPhase, WestHost, 10TB.com, AN Hosting, Autica, Resell.biz, US2.net, WingSix, Supreme Support, Dotable, VI.net, VPS.net and the most recent addition Onapp.com. The group operates its services out of several state of the art, multi million pound data centres in the UK and US, and are committed to providing reliable great value products and services underpinned with excellent support.

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