Web Hosting Provider UK2.net Launches VPS Hosting Platform

August 9, 2010
August 9, 2010 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – UK2 launch another superb product to their already extensive range, the VPS Cloud Hosting Platform.

VPS Cloud hosting is completely virtualised making it independent of system failures, with an ability to scale in line with customers hosting requirements. The highly effective design ensures that all data is mirrored and stored independently from the processing servers. The virtualised environment keeps your hosting secure from the impact of hardware failures, ensuring your website runs with maximum uptime.

UK2’s VPS Platform offers close to 100 Plug ‘n Go Templates including: Blogs, Gallery’s, MySQL, Web Servers and optimised versions of the most popular server software. Setting up a server that would normally take hours of a skilled technicians time to complete, now only takes minutes. The platform is highly flexible, each VPS can be broken into smaller “nodes” - so you can deploy one large VPS as a main server or you can setup multiple nodes each with a different template and function.

Andy Manning, Product and Ecommerce Director at UK2, said:”We are seeing a definite trend where individuals and companies alike are moving towards virtually hosted servers. The benefit is clear with reduced total cost of ownership through the reduction of maintenance and hardware costs. Our VPS product brings the advantages of a hosting infrastructure that used to be the preserve of large companies and makes it available to all. We wanted to make it easy for our shared hosting customers to setup and install so that they have the tools and the confidence to keep on growing successful websites. The VPS platform is ideal hosting platform for blogs, ecommerce shops and development environments.”

Andy concluded:”In an industry that is constantly changing due to rapid technological advancements, we have to keep on developing and pushing out the highest quality products which are affordable and reliable for our valued customer base. This new VPS Platform is one of many new products we are developing.

About UK2

UK2 has been a major player in the web hosting industry since 1998. They have been a profitable company since day one and today They've sold over a million domain names, and They host thousands of websites and dedicated servers for customers in various countries. They can also proudly say that They are one of the biggest and fastest growing web hosting companies in the UK.

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