Web Hosting Provider Web Drive Supplies Business Services to CallPlus

September 2, 2006
September 2, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – New Zealand-owned and operated web hosting provider Web Drive (http://www.webdrive.co.nz) has won a contract to supply business services to CallPlus, the company announced recently. The Auckland-based provider will offer web hosting and domain name services to “CallPlus and Slingshot's 130,000 customers”.

"This is a very smart move for the CallPlus group, and we're elated to be a part of it," said Web Drive Managing Director Daniel Williams. "CallPlus were looking for a reputable and dependable partner for the supply of website hosting services, and our wholesale product proved to be a perfect fit."

As a result of working with Web Drive, CallPlus has “put together a number of Windows and Linux web hosting plans that will be priced at competitive market rates, and will be available in the coming weeks”.

"Using our systems, CallPlus will be able to offer a first-class service to its customers that is both competitive and profitable," added Mr. Williams. "We're also pretty pleased to be able to save them several thousand dollars per year over current supply agreements. To have CallPlus choose our platform is further proof that we are leading the market in this area," he concluded.

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