Web Hosting Provider WebCinch Announces Semi-Dedicated Web Hosting Services and ‘No Overselling’ Pledge

September 18, 2006
September 18, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider WebCinch (http://www.webcinch.com) has announced ‘semi-dedicated’ web hosting services which it pledges will not be subject to overselling. “We have introduced semi-dedicated as a more robust solution to accommodate customers who have outgrown traditional shared hosting, but are still looking for the ease of use and flexibility that it offers,” explained WebCinch Founder Mr. Eric Barbaglia.

WebCinch’s entry level semi-dedicated plan offers 15GB of data storage and 200GB of monthly data transfer alongside developer tools and site management software. Semi-dedicated plans are particularly well suited for ecommerce sites providing blogs, forums and other interactive options, as well as websites that “rely heavily on data storage and bandwidth”.

In an era of claims of hosting plans with unlimited resources, WebCinch’s semi-dedicated plans will not be oversold. Each server in limited to 30 customers and the company has added redundant dedicated DNS servers in multiple data centers for added reliability. “There’s a phrase that is ingrained in the mind of just about every hosting industry veteran—‘you get what you pay for,’ and I think industry trends show that customers are increasingly growing wise to the ridiculous pricing models of some of the budget hosts,” added Mr. Barbaglia. “We compete with service quality, not by engaging in price wars that neither side can win.”

The company’s web hosting is provided through Intel Xeon Dual Core-based servers.

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