Web Hosting Provider Wolfpaw Partners with MaxMind to Bring Integrated Fraud Screening to Miva Merchant

January 16, 2010
January 16, 2010 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Wolfpaw Hosting LLC, a leading e-commerce ISP specializing in hosting and development for the Miva Merchant™ shopping cart platform, and MaxMind Inc., a leading provider of IP geolocation and fraud detection solutions, today announced a partnership aimed at helping merchants using Miva Merchant reduce their risk of processing fraudulent webstore orders.

As part of the partnership, Wolfpaw Hosting has developed and introduced a plug-in module that integrates MaxMind's fraud protection service with Miva Merchant, providing much wanted fraud screening controls for users of this e-commerce solution. Wolfpaw's Fraud Screening and Detection module offers an integrated solution that is seamless and provides users with a comprehensive risk score as well as a host of real-time fraud checks for each web order processed. If desired, the module can also reject orders that exceed a preset risk score before the payment gateway is contacted for credit card approval.

As an added benefit, users connect to MaxMind's minFraud Network, consisting of thousands of merchants worldwide, to indirectly share non-personally identifiable risk factors for mutual protection.

"MaxMind's fraud screening service examines online transactions from various angles and applies extensive fraud screening checks centered around IP geolocation, proxy detection, and IP reputation data. By leveraging non-personally identifiable data from thousands of merchants and comprehensive analysis, they are then able to identify traits and patterns associated with fraudulent orders," said Jeffrey Koch, CEO at Wolfpaw Hosting. "Although this is something many of Miva Merchant ecommerce users have requested in the past, this option has not been readily available to them until now."

"Wolfpaw Hosting and the Miva Merchant e-commerce solution allow merchants to integrate all aspects of their web-based business from sales and marketing to customer support to inventory control. With the addition of the minFraud service, their merchants can analyze the riskiness of their transactions as they happen," said Ed Lin, Business Development Manager. "This partnership allows us to help even more merchants around the world reduce their exposure to e-commerce fraud, making the Internet a safer place to do business."

When asked about Wolfpaw Hosting's fraud protection module, Rick Wilson, Executive Vice President of Miva Merchant said, "MaxMind has a fantastic reputation in the fraud prevention and management space as does Wolfpaw Hosting in the ecommerce hosting world. Combined, this pairing truly provides an extraordinary amount of protection to users of the module for a very low cost. I can't imagine a merchant wanting to be online without this fraud protection module."

About Wolfpaw Hosting

Wolfpaw Hosting is a leading e-commerce ISP specializing in hosting and development for the Miva Merchant shopping cart system and provides e-commerce solutions to growing and mid-size companies around the world. As a Miva Merchant premier hosting and development partner, the company provides high availability hosting, outstanding 24x7 US based customer service and innovative solutions that help to extend the Miva Merchant e-commerce platform.

About MaxMind

Founded in 2002, MaxMind is an industry-leading provider of IP geolocation and online fraud detection tools. By providing the geographical location of Internet visitors in real-time, MaxMind GeoIP enables over 3,000 of online businesses to target content, re-direct online traffic, analyze site logs, manage digital rights management, and detect fraud.

MaxMind's fraud screening service, minFraud, builds on IP geolocation by incorporating IP reputation analysis, proxy detection, and a mutual collaboration network into a solution specifically developed for fraud screening. The mutual collaboration networks indirectly shares relevant but non-personally identifiable risk factors among thousands of online merchants for a more collective and adaptive approach to fighting fraud.

About Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant, a leading ecommerce solutions provider, helps over 50,000 businesses sell online by providing shopping cart software, professional web design and online marketing services.

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