Web Hosting Providers SilverServers and Unibyte Sign Merger

May 16, 2005
May 16, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - In web hosting business news, SilverServers Inc. and Unibyte Online Inc. signed a deal merging the hosting and design operations of Unibyte Online Inc. with SilverServers. Mickael Maddison, President of SilverServers explains “This is a great step forward for SilverServers and Unibyte. The merging of our hosting and design will help us to increase revenues and provide better products and services to our customers.”

"Our unique combination of experience, creativity, and leading edge technology will provide businesses with solutions that will match their needs and contribute to their success," said Eric Cooper, President and Chairman of Unibyte Online Inc. "The merger between SilverServers and Unibyte Online provides Unibyte Hosting and Design customers the combined strengths of both companies that will benefit our customers through service and technology innovations."

Customers currently hosted by Unibyte will be migrated into the SilverLeaf Billing Administration software built by SilverServers, which is currently being upgraded to integrate the new SilverServers Control Panel software. “Customers can take advantage of our universal login system,” says David Cochrane, software developer for SilverServers and based in Thailand. “SilverLeaf makes it easy for customers to manage and maintain all aspects of their website from online billing history and current invoice statuses through to easy to use website administration tools all from one simple, powerful web interface.”

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