Web Hosting Show Turns One Year Old

January 12, 2006
January 12, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH) – February 13, 2006 sees the ‘Web Hosting Show’ (http://www.webhostingshow.com) turn one year old and celebration preparations are already underway. A weekly podcast with “self proclaimed media rock star of the web hosting industry” Mitch Keeler at the helm, the Web Hosting Show covers a range of topics from the world of web hosting.

With Mr. Keeler’s unique perspective on what some see as the safe a predictable world of web hosting, the Web Hosting Show became an immediate favorite within the industry and also won fans from other spheres. "Something like this would have never made it on traditional radio, but thanks to podcasting a niche audience gets content they are interested in," suggested Keeler, discussing the show.

The show certainly has proven its appeal. Last year its content was included on CoolCast Radio and the show was named the best web hosting industry-related service for the month of September 2005 by ‘Web Host Magazine and Buyers Guide’. As a result of its success, the future of the show seems assured. “Nearly everyone I've met over the past year has wanted to help the show out in one way or another, so I don't see it being killed off any time soon," added Mr. Keeler.

To help celebrate its birthday the Web Hosting Show has teamed with Drift 2 Hosting (http://www.drift2.com) who has donated a free domain name and web hosting account to be given away on February 13. Web Hosting Show fans need only send Mr. Keeler an email telling him why they need free web hosting and a domain name. "Since day one I've wanted to help folks both inside and outside of the usual web hosting circles, so if anybody needs the hosting just drop me an email at mitch@mitchkeeler.com!"

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