Web Hosting Software Provider Announces Holiday Special

December 8, 2005
Web hosting software provider SQLFusion LLC recently announced a seasonal promotion for its online site builder ‘Drag Drop Site Creator’ (http://www.dragdropsitecreator.com) – a promotion which represents a boon to web hosting providers. For a limited period web hosting companies will be able to purchase the solution for 100 websites at only $199.

"We want to help web hosts offer their customers an easy way to build custom websites during this holiday season," suggested SQLFusion’s Marketing Director Michael Frappier. "With a lower pricing, we believe that Drag Drop Site Creator can help web hosts to attract more customers this winter."

Drag Drop Site Creator, an online site builder, utilizes "Asynchronous JavaScript And XML" (AJAX) technology to allow users to build web sites through a web browser and without specialist knowledge of HTML or other technologies used for website development using an intuitive ‘point, click and drag’ mechanism for text, pictures, forms and web applications. As such the solution can be used to target a broad range of web hosting end users, from individuals, to small businesses.

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