Web Hosting Software Solutions Provider WHMCS Services Acquires WHMCS Apps

October 4, 2016
Web Hosting Software Solutions Provider WHMCS Services Acquires WHMCS Apps
Web hosting software solutions provider WHMCS Services (WS) has acquired WHMCS Apps. Established in 2004, WHMCS Services, which is based in New York City, New York, United States, offers a range of “innovative software solutions” for web hosts and internet users. These include its WHMCS Modules and WHMCS integration. The company also offers SSL certificates and the SiteLock website security solution. WS’ acquisition will enhance its portfolio and enable to the company to give “more customers and companies” access to its services. Financial aspects of the deal have not been announced.

WHMCSApps will be absorbed by WHMCS Services who will continue to offer WHMCSApps’ range of offerings. Established in 2015, WHMCSApps specializes in “advanced, quality products and solutions” supported by “responsive and knowledgeable customer service personnel”. WHMCSApps’ success has seen the company grow their customer-base “by significant numbers” – a fact that made the company attractive to WHMCS Services. WHMCS Services will remain in control of customer sign-up and aspects that include automatic billing, provisioning, termination and “everything in between”.

“The company, WHMCS Services, and its new WHMCSApps.com services will continue its fantastic B2C relationships to meet the needs of its customers and offer great products as it has being doing for the past 12+ years,” explained an announcement on the company’s forum. “And to enhance the B2C relationship even further, WHMCS Services' will employ their own customer service reps and employees specifically for WHMCSServices.com to ensure that the customers of WHMCS SApps are taken care of to the best of their abilities”, it added.

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