Web Hosts Can Tap into Mobile Phones for Increased Profit

July 22, 2005
July 22, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting companies that want to differentiate their services may want to take a look at the SuperMobile Internet portal. The site is a blogging forum for mobile phone users. As mobile phones continue to advance in their ability to connect to the Inernet, the lack of services and content for phone based browsers makes this rich and untapped market a good place for hosts looking to get in at the ground level.

SuperMobile.com’s prime focus is to connect people using mobile communications by providing conversational content that can fit into your pocket and be viewed by your friends, family and colleagues. SuperMobile’s free service include a public blog for the world to see, an invitation only private blog, and classifieds.

SuperMobile.com works as a picture blogging site where mobile phone users can upload images and texts created on their phone directly from the mobile to a personal blog site on the web. The ‘moblogging’ as SuperMobile calls it, is a spontaneous online diary captured by the mobile phone where friends, family and colleagues can be invited to view pictures and leave comments

How successful SuperMobile.com will be remains to be seen but the smart money says web hosts who cater services and marketing to the mobile phone market will make money.

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