Web Hosts UK2 Group Adds CloudFlare to Customer Accounts

July 2, 2015
Web Hosts UK2 Group Adds CloudFlare to Customer Accounts
Web hosts UK2 Group have added the option of CloudFlare to customer accounts. The company, which has headquarters in Shoreditch, London, UK, was established in 1998 under the brand UK2.net. It is the parent body of a broad range of key web hosting brands such as UK2.net, VPS.net, and WestHost, amongst others. Together these companies offer a wide range of hosting options alongside dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and domain name registration. It operates data centers in both the United Kingdom and the United States. By adding CloudFlare UK2 Group will offer customers improved website optimization and security.

CloudFlare enhances website performance and security without the need for additional software or hardware. It provides excellent support to websites that might be targeted by DDoS attacks, those that offer an ecommerce platform and sites that experience irregular traffic spikes. It allows websites to “load twice as fast and use 65% less bandwidth”. Around 5% of all Internet requests travel through CloudFlare's network on a daily basis.

"Our CloudFlare service offers affordable access to enterprise-grade security and performance regardless of whether they are an entrepreneur, or a small or large business,” explained UK2 Group’s COO John Morris. “The service offers customers easy set-up and it can be deployed within minutes. Our customers won't need to change any existing code to benefit from improved security and faster speeds from both mobile and desktop browsers."

CloudFlare is available to the customers of UK2 Group’ UK2, Midphase and WestHost directly from their control panels. There is a free version of the solution, while the CloudFlare Plus version offers enhanced image optimization and SSL support starting at £7.49 ($10.99) per month (on 12 month contracts).

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