Web Site Design and Web Hosting Provider Wisnet.com Joins Webmail.us Private Label Reseller Program

April 21, 2006
April 21, 2006 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web site design and web hosting provider wisnet.com (http://www.wisnet.com) has joined the Webmail.us private label reseller program, it was announced recently. Under the agreement wisnet.com will provide its website design and web hosting customers with Webmail.us-hosted email accounts in a bid to position itself to “focus on its core competencies—website design, hosting, and customer service”.

“Outsourcing our email services became a very easy decision when we realized the quality, support, and reliability Webmail.us could offer us and our customers,” suggested wisnet.com’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer Rick Kolstad. “As a value-added service, it did not make sense for us to continue to host and maintain email services when this can be done by a team that is focused on offering enterprise level email services. It is much more beneficial for us to stay focused on our profit centers. Providing great web-based products and great customer service is our goal — this is how we continue to grow.”

Webmail’s private label program offers a number of key advantages. Their ‘feature-rich web-based email’ service is protected from spam, viruses, and other security threats, and also eliminates hosts’ email-related maintenance costs. “wisnet.com is an ideal reseller of our services,” suggested Webmail.us, Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer Patrick Matthews. “They have a growing customer base and a number of valuable core services they provide to those customers. They’ve been hosting email themselves for many years and realize the workload and costs involved. We’re happy to be able to offload the email hosting so that they can focus all of their energy on building value for their customers.”

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