WebAssists Latest eCommerce Software Offers Real-Time Shipping Quotes

June 13, 2005
June 13, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting providers and webmasters alike may be interested in WebAssist’s new version 3 of their eCommerce software which would add value to any web building tools already offered to clients.

The eCommerce Dreamweaver extensions enable web professionals to build better online stores, faster. With real-time shipping quotes from FedEx and UPS and same-site checkout, WA eCart gives designers total control over the entire online store shopping experience. WA eCommerce Suite enables web professionals to create complete, powerful eCommerce websites quickly and easily.

WebAssist set out to solve some of the most complex ecommerce issues in the market today, while delivering a solution that can be completely customized and completed in a fraction of the time that it would take with other products. WA eCart 3.0 now includes an administrative backend example that demonstrates how easy it is to empower storeowners to manage their product catalog, orders and customers over the Web.

“This latest release of eCart 3.0 includes some of the greatest technological advancements of any product update WebAssist has made to date," said Ray Borduin, Vice President of Technology and Co-Founder of WebAssist. Mr. Borduin went on the further detail some of the improvements; “If your clients are shipping goods, chances are they have a FedEx or UPS account. Now, they can get real-time, online shipping quotes for their shoppers – right from within WA eCart. Additionally, now with WA eCart, you can choose the type of checkout experience you want. The new version of WA eCart adds same-site checkout for four of the largest payment gateway services: Express Checkout, Authorize.Net AIM, LinkPoint API, and VeriSign PayFlow Pro.”

WA eCommerce Suite 3.0 is also being released to deliver a comprehensive suite of extensions that provides shopping cart, site searches, credit card processing, purchase orders, sophisticated form controls, customer communication, email, full form validation and many other powerful features to get your site up to today's standards. Along with WA eCart 3.0, WA eCommerce Suite 3.0 now includes WA Database Search, giving both designers and developers the ability to implement sophisticated database searches in their websites and product catalogs. Included in the suite are the latest versions of WA eCart, WA Database Search, WA Cookies, WA Dynamic Dropdowns, WA Universal Email and WA Validation Toolkit.

WA eCart 3.0 is available directly from WebAssist for $249.99 while WA eCommerce Suite retails for $399. Owners of earlier versions of WA eCart can upgrade for $99 and customers who have already purchased WA eCommerce Suite can upgrade to the latest version of the bundle for $149.99.

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