Webby Enterprises LLC Joins Dutch Email Security Company SpamExperts’ Hosting Partner Program

January 27, 2014
Webby Enterprises LLC Joins Dutch Email Security Company SpamExperts’ Hosting Partner Program
Webby Enterprises LLC has joined the Hosting Partner Program of Dutch email security company SpamExperts. The company, an Illinois-based web host and IT consulting company, is utilizing SpamExperts’ solutions to provide its customers with outbound and inbound email filtering and security. SpamExperts will protect around 5,000 domains held by Webby Enterprises’ customers.

SpamExperts offers tailored email security solutions to companies and web hosts alongside services such as email archiving. Its solutions are located in its “Hosted Cloud” or on its customers’ virtual hardware. The company’s Hosting Partner Program enables customers to “access top of the line email security services at the most competitive domain based prices, corroborated with important additional benefits”. Webby Enterprises’ partnership with SpamExperts means its customers can now protect their IP reputations and avoid blacklists by managing spam outbreaks effectively.

“Webby Enterprises LLC utilizes SpamExperts to deal with spam issues proactively rather than reactively now,” explained Webby Enterprises’ Managing Member Josh Meyers. “With SpamExperts, we know if an account is hacked and can take action before it gets us blacklisted. We have received only 2 spam complaints in 90 days which is an awesome result.”

"While most of SpamExperts customers know and appreciate our best known product - Incoming Email Filtering, our other services - Outgoing Email Filtering and Email Archiving - have also become mission-critical systems for seamless email protection," added SpamExperts’ CEO Sam Renkema. "A core part of our business is to continuously support the needs of our customers. Our Outbound Filtering solution is capable of preventing any spam from being sent out from the client's network, automatically locking abused accounts and increasing email continuity and delivery! It's liberating IT managers and making end users more productive."

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