Web.com Partners with LegalZoom.com

November 15, 2006
November 15, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web.com has announced its partnership with LegalZoom.com, an online self-help legal document service provider.

LegalZoom.com’s services include legal documentation for a number of business functions including incorporation, copyrights, trademarks and patents in the US. The company reviews company documents for consistency and completeness before filing them with the correct US government agency. Web.com provides do-it-yourself and custom design website development, web hosting, ecommerce, search marketing, security and privacy services, along with premium email and calendaring services such as Microsoft Exchange Hosting. The two companies have built on each others’ strengths to create a “one-stop destination for services that legally protect the small business and small business owner and empower them with the services to build, market and grow their company online”.

“Web.com and LegalZoom.com formed an alliance because we see tremendous opportunity providing small businesses and consumers with turn-key web and legal services in a one-stop shop environment,” explained Jeff Stibel, President and CEO, Web.com. “Web.com strives to be a resource for small businesses. Through our alliance with LegalZoom.com, Web.com’s customers can obtain legal documents for a myriad of business functions including incorporation, copyrights, trademarks and patents.”

“We believe that having a strong presence on the Internet for your business is just as important as taking the proper legal steps to create and protect it,” added LegalZoom.com CEO, Brian Liu. “At LegalZoom.com, you can start your own business, patent your invention, trademark your slogan and now create your own website. We are excited about this new relationship and will look forward to providing Web.com’s customers with value-added services for their business.”

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