WebDivisor.com Unveils Trial SSL Certificates

August 3, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - WebDivisor announced today the unveiling of its 30 days trial secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates, a crucial stepping stone allowing businesses conducting electronic transactions the ability to familiarize with SSL prior to live system deployment. This free SSL trial is ideal for anyone requiring confirmation of browser compatibility and is issued using the same Trusted Root Certificate Authority (CA) used to issue all of WebDivisor’s SSL products.

"Electronic data security is not bullet proof and sometimes leaves extra room for acceptable security risks," said Hayk Abramyan, WebDivisor CEO. "Any business conducting electronic transactions without, at least, implementing standardized and accepted SSL encryption should really be side-stepped."

Thousands of potential customers are joining the internets family tree as we speak. Many start up businesses not fully invested into security end up getting away with transferring sensitive data insecurely across open space due to this fact. By keeping consumers aware and offering trial SSL certificates to anyone, for testing purposes, will allow us to create in a joint effort a more suitable environment for conducting electronic transactions.

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