webeden.co.uk Announces Customer Gallery

May 11, 2009
May 11, 2009 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Online website maker webeden.co.uk has announced its launch of a gallery where customers can showcase their websites. WebEden.co.uk is a template based web design too that attracts thousands of people who have no web design skills. Due to its simplicity everybody can use it, no matter what their level of competence. Beginners efforts sometimes fall short of the mark, but the more they use the tools the better they get and many feel that their skills have improved so much that they want to “show off” to the rest of the WebEden community.

WebEden MD, Ken Builder, commented: “Many of our customers were new to web design, and to begin with their sites did not look good at all. As they used the software more and more, their skills improved vastly and before long they were creating websites that looked like something a creative agency had made. This gave us the idea to launch a gallery where “proud parents” could showcase their “babies”, a place where they could go ‘hey, check out how much I have improved!’. We want everyone to see what’s possible with our sitebuilder tool. And customers can use this gallery to interact with each other, exchange ideas, give each other feedback, and see what each has been up to.”

Webeden is an independently run, London based, web software company. The company’s maverick and refreshing approach gives it outstanding presence in the burgeoning market for website design tools. Through its online site building tool (http://www.webeden.co.uk) SiteMaker, Webeden is making it easy for everyone, no matter what their experience, to build a website. Over 1,700,000 have already tried and succeeded.

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