Webhost.Uk.Net Best Performer of the month

June 1, 2009
June 1, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – TheVisionWorld.com — Vision Helpdesk developers has announced that Webhost.UK.Net is its best performing partner of the month.

Webhost.Uk.Net is a leading UK based webhosting company; began its connection with TheVisionWorld in 2008 and since then its dedication to TheVisionWorld combined with ongoing proactive marketing work has made it one of Vision Helpdesk biggest distributors.

“Webhost.Uk.Net’s professional and positive performance has contributed to consistently increasing sales over the last year.” Preeti Sharma HR at TheVisionWorld said. She added “In June 2009 we will be launching Vision Helpdesk 2.0 beta version and certainly we can look upon Webhost.UK.Net as one of our trusted partners to promote Vision Helpdesk further.”

Tyler Bristow, Sales Manager at Webhost.Uk.Net; said - “Vision Helpdesk is a Best Helpdesk for small to large organizations — It offers unique features like Satellite Helpdesk i.e Manage Multi-Company support through single helpdesk, Paid Support and Fast loading Ajax Interface” futher he said “After adding Vision Helpdesk as a value added service we have recorded an increased sales ratio in our reseller and vps hosting plans.” Bristow, spoke graciously “I am very proud to promote Vision Helpdesk and am wondering how to do better in next months and the years after.”

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