Webscale Networks Announces Launches of Webscale CloudEDGE Security

March 27, 2021
Webscale Networks Announces Launches of Webscale CloudEDGE Security
Webscale Networks (Webscale) has announced the launch of Webscale CloudEDGE Security. Webscale, which has headquarters in Santa Clara, California, United States, also has a presence in Bangalore, India, and London, United Kingdom. The company boasts services that enable ‘the safest cloud hosting for ecommerce’. These extend to cloud hosting services that include web hosting and managed solutions for ecommerce solutions like Magento and WooCommerce. Founded in 2013, the company facilitates B2C, B2B, and B2E ecommerce storefronts in several countries and leverages providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure to cater to businesses that include Fortune 1000 companies. The launch of Webscale CloudEDGE offers enhanced security to any ecommerce platform.

Ecommerce platforms often lack enough features to properly address cyber risk, but Webscale’s customizable and scalable enterprise-grade cloud solution was built for ecommerce, and “uses automation and analytics to proactively identify and protect web applications” from malicious code and other threats. Ecommerce companies that utilize Webscale CloudEDGE Security are able to “detect and mitigate bad bots in real-time” through “IP reputation and machine learning”. The solution also offers 'App Shield', a stringent policy and rules engine that locks down access to application infrastructure “from any traffic not served by the Webscale data plane”. It also secures browser and application security with real-time Content Security Policy (CSP) protection and DDoS Shield, which protects against floods of bots.

“The unprecedented growth in ecommerce is having a significant impact on hosting and infrastructure design decisions, as merchants move quickly to enable seamless, secure omnichannel experiences for their customers,” explained Webscale’s CEO, Sonal Puri. “CloudEDGE Security was designed to fit with any deployment model, from fully hosted commerce clouds, to headless or PWA deployments, while delivering all the security features of custom solutions.”

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