Websense Announces Release of 2 New Security Solutions

February 14, 2005
February 14, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Websense, today announced the release of two new integrated web security solutions. The Websense Web Security Suite which closes the window of exposure between when a vulnerability is exploited to when a remedy becomes available and the Websense Web Security Suite which provides network security against spyware, malicious mobile code (MMC), phishing attacks, instant messaging (IM) attachments, peer-to-peer (P2P) and other web-based threats.

According to the 2004 CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey, although 99% of companies use antivirus software, 78% of them were hit by viruses, worms, etc. The Web Security Suite and Web Security Suite -- Lockdown Edition add an extra layer of protection to a company’s anti-virus infrastructure.

"With the internet security landscape constantly changing, it is essential to employ multiple security layers to stay ahead of the threats," said Preston Wood, chief information security officer for Zions Bancorporation. "The Websense Web Security Suite will enhance our existing security layers and our overall enterprise security program. In addition, the new BrandWatcher service will give us more visibility into potential misuse of our company name and image."

Key features of the Websense Security Suite allow organizations to:

* Provide best-of-breed, policy-based internet filtering

* Block spyware, MMC and other web-based threats included web-borne viruses, Trojan horses, worms, keylogging, script attacks, and rogue internet code

* Protect employees and organizations from phishing and fraud-based attacks

* Block spyware and keylogging transmissions back to host sites

* Control the sending and receiving of files via IM clients

* Provide real-time updates and rapid protection from newly discovered security threats

* Provide advanced reporting tools for detecting and analyzing security risks

* Protect its website from hacking with SiteWatcher(TM) and keep its brand safe from hackers with BrandWatcher(TM)

Additional highlights for the Websense Security Suite -- Lockdown Edition includes the ability to:

* Stop the execution of unauthorized applications such as spyware, P2P file sharing, and hacking tools at the desktop

* Provide enhanced end-point security for mobile computing

* Provide maximum control over desktop environments by allowing only approved applications to run on corporate PCs and servers through advanced lockdown features

Providing unparalleled web security for Websense customers, the Web Security Suite includes a subscription to the Websense Security Labs(TM) outbreak alerts and services, including new BrandWatcher and SiteWatcher services. As internet attacks continue to advance with the latest phishing, malicious code and fraud-based websites, Websense Security Labs BrandWatcher and SiteWatcher provide customers with proactive services to protect and secure their organization.

"Websense software continues to evolve far beyond the constructs of traditional web filtering, which is evident with the release of the new Web Security Suite," said Leo Cole, vice president of marketing for Websense, Inc. "Customers have asked for a comprehensive security solution that can protect them from all of today's most threatening web-based attacks. The new suites combine industry-leading Websense technologies to create an ideal solution for organizations who understand the importance of a multifaceted security infrastructure."

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