Website Hosting Company Apollo Hosting Deploys Site Building Tool

March 3, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Website hosting company Apollo Hosting has announced that it has deployed Site Symphony, a “premium site building tool”, which is now available through its hosting plans at no extra charge to customers.

Site Symphony allows Apollo Hosting’s customers to create web sites through their web browser using one of 700 templates. The templates enable users to add content and graphics to create professional websites quickly and efficiently. Site Symphony also offers Apollo Hosting's customers enhanced ecommerce capabilities, blogging tools and image editing. Additional functionality can be obtained through purchase of system upgrades.

"Site Symphony represents another step forward in simplifying website design and publishing. The vast resource of templates is like no other we have seen. With Site Symphony, our customers can efficiently update website content from anywhere on the internet, navigating through the design features much like a word processor,” suggested Martin Field, Apollo Hosting’s CEO.

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