Website Security Solutions Provider SiteLock Offers New VPN Solution

February 25, 2019
Website Security Solutions Provider SiteLock Offers New VPN Solution
Website security solutions provider SiteLock is offering a new Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution. A Plesk partner established in 2008, Scottsdale, Arizona-based SiteLock offers services that protect about eight million websites from malware. Its cloud-based services continually check websites for vulnerabilities and when issues are recognized they are automatically removed. SiteLock also offers Web Application Firewall (WAF) services. Its new ‘SiteLock VPN’ service “will help businesses protect all of their online activity from any location”.

A VPN offers another layer of protection against malware and other threats. It protects data transmitted online and is vital for personal data privacy. SiteLock’s affordable solution eliminates data throttling and offers safe access to website content. It has a number of features that enhance security and anonymity. These include IP address randomization, 256-bit military-grade encryption and unlimited multi-device usage. SiteLock VPN leverages over 1,000 servers in more than 40 locations, meaning VPN users “can browse securely in seconds”. Users also benefit from a US-based support team that is available around the clock.

“Websites are the modern small business’s storefront, and protecting those sites from malicious actors has been SiteLock’s core focus,” explained SiteLock’s Vice President of Product, Brian Sargent. “As hackers become increasingly advanced and remote work grows in popularity, however, the security needs of businesses and their employees continue to expand. We are excited to bring our industry-leading expertise to the VPN market to help our customers respond to these changes with another layer in their cybersecurity strategy.”

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