Expands It's Infrastructure

Victoria, BC - Inc. is pleased to announce the expansion of its Network Services. Starting June 10th, 2002 will introduce a new multi-honed network to its subscribers. "What makes this such an important event is that we will now be completing our final stage in achieving full redundancy to the Internet for our clients," states Lyle Macgregor, Operations Manager for "This makes us the only hosting company on Vancouver Island that has implemented full data, power, and security backup systems, and able to provide full 100% connectivity uptime," continues Macgregor.

Multi-honing is a very active issue in the Internet Hosting business, but not one that is commonly considered or discussed by the average client. Multi-honing allows to provide multiple connections to the Internet for its hosting clients. What this means in English, is that if one provider fails, or has any slow down on their network, the second provider will still maintain connection and this "change-over" will be seamless to the end-user. Additionally, will be installing a new Load-Balancing server that will analyze incoming visits to the hosted websites and send the data out using the faster of the 2 connections.

Over the past year, has grown steadily and now hosts over 4000 websites, manages many dedicated servers, and provides server collocation to a handful of clients who wish to maintain their own servers. "With all the press about “giant growth” and the growing pains encountered by pursuing that model, has chosen to stay in the background market over the last year. As we became the "quiet giant", our services have continued to expand and our clients have responded by providing that much valued "word of mouth" advertising that helps smaller businesses grow". is a privately held company based in Victoria, BC with the most advanced data hosting facilities on Vancouver Island. Enjoying profitability within the first year continues to prescribe to the “managed growth” model, insuring sustainable, fiscally responsible growth.

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