West Linn Task Force Chooses Web Portal through Portland Portals’ Metadot Hosting Solution

December 19, 2005
December 19, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – The ‘West Linn Task Force on Sustainability’ has announced it has chosen Portland Portals (http://www.portlandportals.us) to provide a secure web portal solution for West Linn city’s sustainability initiative. The portal will be established through the company’s Metadot Hosting Solution.

Portland Portals Metadot Hosting makes collaboration tools more frequently utilized by large corporations and governments accessible to smaller companies and organizations. Its products are based on the Metadot Portal Server, an open source intranet extranet solution that enables companies to share data with internal teams and external partners and clients.

West Linn City Council’ citizens’ Task Force is investigating approaches the city government and community can take to improve ‘sustainability practices’. The group must deliver a ‘Sustainability Strategic Plan’ to the city council and will use the Metadot Portal Server to manage activities and results.

“Metadot helps the task force keep all information centralized in one place and supports our workflow with email integration and project management,” said Ken Hall, chairman of the task force. “Sustainability is a critically important to our future and the volume of information to be managed is very large. We need tools that help us make decisions and track our progress in order to finish our task on time.”

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