WestHost launches Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) technology

August 27, 2003
WestHost launches Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) technology
- Pricing set to shake up industry standards -

Providence, Utah – August 27, 2003 – Few shared hosting companies have made the transition to Virtual Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server technology. Even fewer are doing it without increasing costs to end-users. Now one company is poised to offer the same level of service and features with pricing set at a fraction of industry standards.

WestHost Inc., a leading web hosting provider (www.westhost.com), recently announced the launch of WestHost 2.0. This next phase of their business includes, among other things, a transition to Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) technology. The move by the five-year-old company has had a tremendous impact on the value of their client-hosting offering. While this newest release presents huge advantages over traditional shared hosting and is only possible through a more sophisticated infrastructure and network, WestHost plans to continue to offer these added benefits without increasing costs to their clients. This new VDS technology will be available for as little as $7.95 a month.

Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS), also known as Virtual Private Servers (VPS), provide multiple, yet completely isolated environments for shared hosting clients. Each environment has its own server software providing independence for that website. Any compromise to a site would only affect that VDS and could not affect any other site on the same server. As with a dedicated server, each VDS has its own independent operating system with its own web server, mail server, database server, FTP server, and independent software instances. A crashed application (Apache, Sendmail, MySQL etc.) in one VDS has no effect on any other website or account on the same server, as is the problem with traditional virtual hosting technology.

“This is a huge move for us and will create a huge stir within the industry,” said Bevan Erickson, Director of Sales & Marketing. “Although we are not the first to offer this technology, we are the first to offer it with our service packages at prices well below industry standards. Virtual Dedicated Server technology is usually found to be available with hosting packages around the range of $40 to $80 per month.”

For as little as $7.95 per month, WestHost clients can enjoy the benefits of a Virtual Dedicated Server at bargain shared hosting prices. WestHost expects this new technology to become the standard among web hosting companies. Since launching, they have seen a large increase in new account signups and expect exponential growth as interest and awareness continue to grow.

Pricing and Availability
WestHost offers Virtual Dedicated Servers with all hosting packages. Pricing starts at $7.95 per month and their package offerings include Miva Merchant, a dedicated/static IP address, SSL, unlimited POP e-mail, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited subdomains, multiple domain management, and a number of applications and software support.

About WestHost
As a recognized leader in web hosting, WestHost is a trusted solutions expert and a long-term partner to its clients. WestHost clients benefit from multiple redundant OC3 connectivity; generous space and data transfer limits, 24-hour toll free phone/e-mail/chat support, and a 30-day money back guarantee. For more information, visit their web site at www.westhost.com, or call 1.800.222.2165.

WestHost Contact
Bevan Erickson, Director Marketing & Sales
800.222.2165 x214

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