WhatHelps Expands Customer Support Services

May 18, 2005
May 18, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - WhatHelps?, Inc., a global provider of hosted social networking and online community web services, announces the introduction of two new Extreme Suppor Plans provided through its web site at WebHelps.com. In addition to WebHelps free support plans, Standard and Extreme Support, customers may now upgrade to Extreme Plus or Extreme Total Support. The new plans, Extreme Plus and Extreme Total Support, add priority service, HTML Help, Advanced Help, Direct Email Support, and Direct Phone Support to WebHelps existing support services, which include a support ticketing system and Live Help support chat. Depending upon the plan chosen, customers can get help building their web site, wiki, and/or online community, including assistance with integrating 3rd party offerings.

There are a multitude of web site designers/developers who will create a client's web site for a fee. And there are an equal number of providers of free web sites with online site builders that claim little or no HTML skills are needed by customers to build their sites. What has been missing, until now, is a company that provides customers with help building their own sites. Customers often need assistance with integrating the templates, scripts, tools, and services so readily available to do-it-yourselfers, but so often requiring HTML knowledge above their skill levels. Far too often, people signup for free web sites that are supposed to be easy to build, only to discover they cannot make a decent-looking page, let alone a site that actually "does" something. WebHelps, with its Extreme Support™ is filling this void in support left by traditional web design/development firms and web services companies.

Site designers/developers are finding WebHelps to be a valuable partner in developing sites for their clients, particularly when custom features and/or applications are needed. Through its Add-A-Feature Service, WebHelps enhances its Extreme Support plans by providing customers with a way to affordably add features to its portfolio of interactive web tool add-ons, online community, and wiki webware. Customers can have WebHelps develop custom forms, programs, applications, scripts, and databases for their sites, online communities, and wikis.

"In providing Extreme Support™ to our customers, we have found a small team approach allows us to deliver the level of personal service customers need, no matter how large the customer base grows," said Tracy Russett, WhatHelps? Chief of Support. "Each Support Team is comprised of a team leader, support liaison, programmer, web designer, and billing specialist. At signup, a customer is assigned to the Support Team with the most experience working with the Web Tool or Package the customer will be using. This ensures customers receive support from those most knowledgeable in the area most important to them. It also allows customers to build rapport with Support Team members, out of which strong personal relationships often evolve."

At most companies, customer service is a job relegated to the least experienced, lowest paid people in the company. Customer service is an expense which they are constantly trying to lower. At WebHelps, they take a totally opposite approach. The most experienced, most highly paid people are on the Support Teams. If you are a chat room customer and you report a problem with your chat room, it is likely that a programmer who worked on the development of the chat room software will be one of the people who helps you.

"Our customers count on us to provide reliable, feature-rich tools and webware. But that is not all they need or want. Our customers need help integrating those tools into their site, setting up how they function, customizing how they look, and possibly changing or adding features. Often, our customers need help with things outside the scope of our services, such as help setting up a merchant account, help creating email forms, and/or help adding a 3rd party script to their site. They want us to proactively make recommendations, explain things in an understandable manner, and provide custom options they can afford," said WhatHelps?, Inc. CEO, Michelle Wilbers. "This is why we developed our Extreme Plus and Extreme Total Support plans. Our customers told us they needed a type of support that is different from anything else they could find on the Web. We simply did what we were asked."

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