WhipSocket Offers Reduced Hosting Prices in Wake of Free Hosting Market Glut

May 8, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Low cost web hosting provider WhipSocket Technologies (http://www.whipsocket.com), announced today that they are cutting the monthly cost of their web hosting packages.

During the month of May 2005, any new member who signs up for a new hosting package will receive a $4.00 per month discount on web hosting. WhipSocket said that this offer will last until May 31, 2005, but if there is enough support from this new reduced price hosting, then they will keep the prices lowered indefinately.

Customers interested in high quality web hosting, are urged to look at the new pricing and sign up while the offer is still valid. WhipSocket has been providing web hosting for over a year, but has been in business under a different name since 1999.

This offer follows a recent glut in the market of free and very low cost web hosting offers for SMBs and bloggers.

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