White House Orders Federal Government to Speed Up Cloud Computing Adoption in 2018

January 1, 2018
White House Orders Federal Government to Speed Up Cloud Computing Adoption in 2018
The White House has ordered federal government bodies in the United States to speed up the adoption of cloud computing in 2018. The instruction came in a report provided by President Trump’s technology officials which provides a road map for the enhancement of US government IT. The report requires federal government entities to migrate to the cloud as much and as soon as possible. The report also establishes cybersecurity and procurement policies that will facilitate greater cloud adoption.

While cost of IT to the US government is around $80 billion a year, the money is being spent on solutions that have become (or are becoming) obsolete because of outdated software and hardware. The report, hosted on the ‘Report to the President on Federal IT Modernization’ website, aims to overcome this issue. It suggests the federal government will also “accelerate the adoption of cloud email and collaboration tools, improve and strengthen existing shared services, and provide additional security shared services for agencies”.

The conclusion of the report will a boon for cloud services providers like Amazon, IBM, Google Cloud and Azure, who already see revenue from government agencies making up a greater share of their profits. The report suggests that agencies should shift funds from legacy IT systems to cloud solutions. All federal agencies now have only a month to finalize which systems can be moved to the cloud.

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