Wired Hub Lauches Total Satisfaction Program

August 23, 2005
Wired Hub Incorporated a hosting provider serving clients globally for over three years, announced today that it has fully implemented its one of a kind, “Total Satisfaction” program, designed to offer its clients unparalleled service guarantees.

The company’s new program, which was launched in mid-august, is designed to build on WiredHub’s reputation as an affordable, high quality, customer oriented web host.

“Our new program promises to make some of the biggest and most important service and support level guarantees in the entire hosting industry,” said Yudhishter Sethi, WiredHub founder.

Such guarantees include a rapid response guarantee for support requests, raid protection for all data stored on WiredHub servers, and a platform of Intel Xeon hardware on all hosting packages.

“This program essentially means that we are doing everything humanly possible to ensure our clients’ data is safe, and they are treated very well,” said Sethi.

WiredHub is also offering a 90 day money back guarantee as part of the program, a large extension of the 15 or 30 day guarantees most web hosting providers offer.

In addition, WiredHub promises to buy back the remainder of any hosting contract with a rival web host.

“I get emails all the time from people who are locked into long term hosting contracts with our competitors,” said Sethi. “Effective immediately, we’re willing to buy our customers out of their obligations with a rival host, so they can experience the WiredHub difference.”

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