Wired Real Estate Launch New Data Center Real Estate Listing Service

June 6, 2009
June 6, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Wired Real Estate Group (www.wiredre.com), the nation’s leading data center planning and procurement firm, have launched a free colocation and data center search and listing service to support the firm’s Brokerage Practice.

With the new data center listing service, Technology, Internet, and Telecommunication firms can now easily identify new retail, wholesale and shell data center sites, including mapping of street locations. The service is free, with no advertising, no registration, and no hidden locations - users can search, map, and qualify sites directly.

Identifying new colocation and data center real estate availability has become a challenge for IT organizations. Investment in data center real estate has slowed, owing to the difficulty of obtaining debt financing. This has resulted in limited colocation and data center supply growth. Driven by changes in computing power, regulatory compliance, and network costs, demand for colocation and data center real estate has remained strong. The search and procurement process is becoming more critical by the day.

“The colocation and data center market is changing and maturing rapidly, but it remains highly inefficient. As evidence, I would cite the common knowledge in San Francisco that 200 Paul Avenue, a carrier hotel, is full. In reality, there are 9 MW of net IT space available. Our search and listing service is intended to create efficiency by allowing colocation and data center users to search, map, and qualify sites directly. We will be proactively adding data center locations, as an extension of our planning and procurement service, with the intention of identifying 5,000 sites by the end of 2009,” commented Everett Thompson, President.

With this new service, the WiredRE are rapidly becoming the leading data center planning and procurement firm in the nation. The company has completed over 150 engagements with leading financial, enterprise, and telecom firms, including numerous members of the Fortune 200. Nationally, the firm represents nearly 1 MM square feet of retail, wholesale, and shell data center space, including major data center developments in Colorado, Virginia, San Francisco and Irvine.

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