Wireless Broadband Industry Set for Official Launch with WCA Conference

March 24, 2005
March 24, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - This year's WCA 2005, the wireless broadband industry's premier annual conference and exhibition, will begin here June 29 on the eve of the industry's first certified interoperable products -- and thus will constitute the global launch of the industry as a mass market solution.

WCA 2005 is organized by the industry's trade association Wireless Communications Association International (WCA), and extends from June 29 to July 1. After years of preparation, testing for certified interoperability by the WiMAX Forum(TM) is expected to begin in July for fixed wireless broadband products, followed by submission of products for testing throughout the remainder of 2005.

"The WiMAX Forum certification process is a milestone for the industry in targeting the mass market with lower-cost, interoperable products," commented WCA President Andrew Kreig. "Even for non-WiMAX products, the progress and competitive pressures we are seeing on many fronts will crest this summer, thereby beginning to make wireless broadband a mass market reality for the first time.

"As the industry's major annual trade show," Kreig continued, "WCA 2005 provides this year's only opportunity to see all of the important
manufacturers display their latest equipment on an exhibit floor, with the companies' top business, technical, sales and marketing executives on the
scene. A vital added dimension is that WCA is an umbrella organization that enables non-WiMAX solutions from Wi-Fi, 3G or otherwise to showcase their strengths and compatibility in side-by-side comparisons -- with WCA carrier and enterprise members providing authoritative commentary about their evolving customer needs and strategies."

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