WordPress Hosting Specialists WP Engine Announces Free SSL/TLS Certificates

October 15, 2016
WordPress Hosting Specialists WP Engine Announces Free SSL/TLS Certificates
WordPress hosting specialists WP Engine have announced it is offering customers free SSL and TLS certificates. WP Engine, which has headquarters in Austin, Texas, United States, was established in 2010. Alongside offices in San Francisco, California, and San Antonio, Texas, the company also has a presence in London, United Kingdom and Limerick, Ireland. WP Engine will make ‘Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificates’ “freely available” to each of its 50,000 customers.

‘Let’s Encrypt’ is an Open Certificate authority established by the Washington DC-based non-profit organization the ‘Internet Security Research Group’ (ISRG). ISRG is involved in a range of Internet activity including aspects of “policy, governance, technology, and development”. The organization’s aim is to “promote principles that are intended to persuade governments to make decisions that are right for their citizens and each nation’s future” as far as the Internet is concerned. ‘Let’s Encrypt’ is designed to make HTTPS freely available through the distribution of free SSL/TLS certificates.

Compatible with each of the market’s main browsers, ‘Let’s Encrypt’ certificates offer secure connection and robust cryptographic technology. HTTPS can now be applied to “every page” of WP Engine’s customers’ websites, meaning website content and data cannot be changed without the site owner knowing. The use of HTTPS has been highlighted as good practice by Google, meaning that those sites utilizing HTTPS benefit from better Google search rank placement.

“The Internet today isn’t the same as it was even 5 years ago. There’s an expectation that people should be able to go securely online without worrying if their information will be exploited or fall into the wrong hands,” explained WP Engine’s CEO, Jason Cohen. “HTTPS is a win for everyone. On the one hand it provides greater trust, privacy and security for site visitors and on the other it delivers faster site speeds with better SEO for website owners.”

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